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Myofascial Release Session

Myofascial Release Session

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Myofascial Release is a comprehensive, whole body, hands-on approach that restores the necessary slack in the connective tissue web to help eliminate lameness and enhance performance. Myofascial release uses sustained hands-on pressure into a fascial restriction for several minutes in one area. 

Myofascia (myo meaning muscle) relates to all the fascia surrounding, connecting to and contained with the muscular tissue. It protects and surrounds everything within the body. Every nerve, bone, organ, muscles, blood vessel and cell lies within the fascia. Its what gives us all our posture and posture is the language of the body.

Myofascial Release differs from massage and chiropractic manipulation. Myofascial release applies sustained pressure into the fascial system affecting the elastin, collagen, and ground substance. It allows for the release of soft tissue restrictions that alter bony alignment and performs osseous releases slowly without manipulation.

This alternative therapy works to alleviate pain, restore function, and improve overall health and well-being by addressing the fascia and muscles. These two soft tissue systems are extremely integrated, hence the term “myofascial”.  The shape of the fascia cannot be quickly changed, as this tissue is incredibly strong.  The idea is that gentle directional pressure applied to restricted fascia helps improve the glide between the fascia, starting with the superficial layers. This releases any potential adhesions and moves the fascia to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. The therapy also helps hydrate the space around the cells, fascial microtubules , which helps keep the body lubricated and prevents mobility issues.

These session definitely are longer slower sessions for the animal, generally taking between 45 too 60 minutes, but the results are seen almost immediately depending on the situation. 


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