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Treat The Body Well.... Explore the Ways we Can Help Make Movement Easier

Treat The Body Well.... Explore the ways we can help make movement easier

Treat The Body Well.... Explore the ways we can help make movement easier

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Vitality and Wellness

The link between the brain and the body is undeniable, especially in regard to chronic pain. Chronic pain affects the nervous system and can cause autonomic dysregulation or central sensitization. When the nervous system doesn’t know how to respond to different stimuli, the body’s automatic functions can’t regulate themselves. Some of these automatic functions include: Heart rate,  Blood pressure,  Temperature control,  Respiratory rate,  Digestion and  Muscle tightness. The nervous system acts like a teeter-totter—it seeks equilibrium by balancing the fight-or-flight and rest-and-digest impulses. Beings with higher pain levels often experience heightened fight-or-flight responses, which throws the nervous system off-balance. Things like stress, pain, and lack of sleep trigger these responses. When stuck in fight-or-flight mode, the automatic functions stop working properly. Therapies that help reduce overall inflammation in the body help bring everything back in balance.

Recovery from Exercise , Injury or Surgery

All bodies are designed to heal and Time is in fact a natural healer. Science has given us therapies that can now nurture, hasten and frankly, shorten and improve this healing process which is vitally important when trying to preserve the elasticity of tissues. The quicker the tissues repair the less scar tissue that forms and movement is preserved. A key component of Performance is in fact Recovery .

Pain Management

There are many times when pain is due to some very natural aging processes. Arthritis is just one of these conditions that when left untreated will bring life to an unneccesary standstill. Many Drug Free and Non Invasive therapies exist that can dramatically reduce the causes of this pain and restore a lifestyle.

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Must Have Elements of Therapies...

There are many reason we use therapies. Some are just seeking Overall Wellness Maintenance, others are needing it for Restorative and Recovery from Injury or Surgery, and Athletes from all species benefit from Accelerated Recovery and Enhanced Performance. The best Therapies do this while.... 

Must Have Elements of a Good Therapy...

Have the Ability to Effectively Target the Situation

There are alot of choices of therapy modalities and even the way they are applied. So when you settle on one make sure there is research showing its worth in that situation

Offering Comfort and Relaxation

Therapies should never be painful. Some may have initial sensitivity and sensation but should always lead to relaxation and improved comfort.

Being sustainable with No Negative Side Effects

The best therapies are the those that enhance and support other modalities and our lifestyle and do not create undesirable side effects.

Maintain and Enhance Overall Wellness

As the saying goes "an ounce of Prevention is worth a pound of Cure" and one of the best elements of a good therapy is not just their curative effect but their focus on the whole body and maintaining health.

Be Non-Invasive and Drug Free

We certainly understand the importance of medications, but effective therapies do not add another drug on top of exhisting drugs, instead they help the whole body to metabolize and better use what is already there.

Be Efficient and Affordable

While our health is always worth the investment, a good therapy is efficiently effective and is followed up with a plan to maintain and nurture the wellness going forward to fit the lifestyle.

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