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Because Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields work on the cellular level and penetrate every cell, tissue, organ, and bone with gentle electromagnetic pulses which stimulates and rejuvenates the cells.

Better Movement, and Attitude in the Ring

Increased Circulation to reduce inflammation which results in freer movement with a more relaxed animal that shows well, stays hydrated and on feed. 

Bone Mending

Improved quality of calcium is produced in one-third of the standard time. PEMF is said to accelerate repair of both bone and soft tissue.

Better Sleep Quality

The use of PEMF technology encourages muscles to relax which results in a deeper, more natural sleep.

Improved Energy

Improved circulation, better sleep, natural wellness, and reduced inflammation which results in reduced pain all translate to increased energy.

Stimulating Cell Metabolism

This can allow the body to repair cells and recover which can lead to improved overall health without side effects.

Pain Reduction

A majority of pain is caused by inflammation. PEMF usage can help suppress inflammatory responses at the cell membrane to alleviate pain and increase range of motion. The best part is that in some cases, relief can begin in minutes.

Injury Recovery and Wound Repair

PEMF enhances the oxygenation of the blood flow through the body, and this helps the body with health and wellness. On average the healing process is increased by about a third of the time it would normally take without the use of PEMF.

MagnaWave is safe to use and does not require sedation.  MagnaWave helps all livestock to stay healthy, feel less stress and finish out well. 

Learn about the technology that the professionals use to help their stock with overall wellness and better gain!